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Work Smarts

What CEOs Say You Need to Know to Get Ahead

“In this superb book, one of the very smartest and respected financial anchors in the world shares valuable insights on corporate leadership – what works and what to avoid. Clearly written, punchy and wonderfully-humble, this terrific guidebook is a must read.” — Mohamed El-Erian, CEO, Pimco

“Betty has written a powerful, insightful book for anyone who has ever felt they needed an extra push in their careers.” — Suzy Welch, author of “10-10-10”; former Editor of the Harvard Business Review

“Betty does it again with Work Smarts, a captivating story of her experiences interviewing CEOs and government officials from around the globe. Thank you Betty for yet another exceptional learning experience!” — Dixon Doll, co-founder, DCM Venture Capital; Board Member, DIRECTV